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    Miss Laurie Lehner is a singer/songwriter and political satirist living in New Orleans. A New York native, Laurie moved to NOLA after visiting the city on a crowdfunded acoustic mini tour in 2014. The city of New Orleans spoke to her and she answered an ad in search of a lead singer for a Bourbon Street house band. After a successful audition, live in front of an audience on Bourbon Street, she got the job and moved from The Big Apple to The Big Easy two weeks later. Since then Miss Lehner has fronted several bands playing cover songs and original music including her own, Miss Laurie & the Band Aides formed in 2014 with Smokey Brown. Laurie and Smokey, who play acoustic shows together as well, met in the Bourbon Street band she moved across the country to join.

    After the 2016 presidential election, Miss Lehner turned her creative focus toward political satire and began creating song parody music videos for Twitter and YouTube. As a form of protest, personal therapy and entertainment her videos were embraced by the online community including celebrity followers Rosie O'Donnell and Jane Lynch who share her videos on Twitter. "Miss Laurie", as she has become known on social media, now has over twenty thousand followers on the platform, twenty five hundred followers on YouTube, and her parody videos have over a million views. In August of 2019, Miss Laurie Lehner was delighted to support Emmy-nominated political parodist Randy Rainbow on his live tour at The Fillmore NOLA. For new releases and more subscribe to youtube.com/LaurieLehner and follow Miss Laurie Lehner on Twitter @AndTheBandAides.

    Miss Laurie Lehner's single 'If I Can't Have You' was released on April 21, 2021.

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